Mulberry Grove





13,050,000 (US$ 381,612)

This is a luxurious family-oriented property with innovative design and ample amenities. It is located in a prime location and has top-notch facility.

Property ID : MGSC
47 - 245.5 Sqm


Condo Details 

Mulberry Grove, Phrakhanong Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok.

This multigeneration condominium complex is designed to cater to the needs of every age group and promote familial bonding. The home design draws inspiration from families and employs innovative techniques to create truly multigenerational living spaces. The complex is equipped with a range of amenities that meet the requirements of all age groups.

Construction Status

Completion due October 2023 (1 Building, 37 Floors, 287 Units)

Unit Types and Area

  • 1 Bedroom (144 Units) 47 sq.m.-56.5 sq.m.​
  • 2 Bedroom(136 Units) 87 sq.m. – 135 sq.m.​
  • 3 Bedroom (2 Units) 162 sq.m.​
  • Duplex Penthouse (1 Unit) 216.5 sq.m.​
  • Penthouse (4 Units) 180 sq.m. -245.5 sq.m.


1ST & BF

  • Greeting Gallery
  • Autonomous Garage
  • Caregiver’s Office
  • Gourmet Courtyard
  • English Courtyard
  • Intergeneration Courtyard
  • Ev charger
  • Driver’s Lounge


  • Library
  • Private Study Studio
  • Children’s room


  • Infinity sky pool
  • Thermal pool
  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Private Spa
  • Private Sky-high Onsen
  • Private Style Atelier
  • Sauna
  • Yoga suite
  • Ballet suite
  • Patio Gym
  • Sky-High Gym Studio
  • Golf Simulator & Entertainment room


  • Residence lounge
  • Grand Private living & dining room
  • Family Living Room
  • BBQ Garden
  • Game Room & Pool Table
  • Children’s PlayRoom


Located in a prime location, this multigeneration condominium complex is easily accessible and close to various conveniences such as shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and entertainment options. The result is a home where everyone lives together happily, enjoying their own private space as well as shared areas to exchange ideas, experiences, and joyful moments - the foundation of a fulfilling family. 


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