Exquisite Sustainable Living: A Fusion of Luxury and Innovation





57,800,000 (US$ 1,651,828)

Luxurious, sustainable living with custom design, spacious ensuites, and stunning outdoor spaces.

Property ID : PunL1
265.90 Sqm
528 Sqm


Villa Description:

Nestled within an idyllic oasis, our enclave boasts twenty meticulously crafted pool villas, each a masterpiece of modern design infused with the allure of an inspiring Asian-fusion theme. Step into a realm where luxury meets tranquility, and indulge in a symphony of privacy, security, and opulent space. These homes are more than a dwelling; they are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to world-class standards in design, construction, and finishing.

As you explore this haven, you'll find that every detail has been thoughtfully considered to harmonize with the natural surroundings, creating a seamless integration of architecture and environment. The scale of each villa is a testament to sensitivity, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the lush landscapes that surround them. Beyond the physical beauty, the owner experience transcends ordinary expectations, offering a sanctuary where complete privacy is not just a promise but a living reality. Immerse yourself in the embodiment of sophistication, where the fusion of Asian elegance and modern luxury culminates in a lifestyle that redefines the art of living.

Room Types:

  • Plot 1, Plot 2, and Plot 9: 3 bedrooms all ensuite plus study, 2 powder rooms (Total Built up Area: 528.00 sqm, Interior: 265.90 sqm, Exterior: 262.10 sqm)
  • Plot 3: 5 bedrooms all ensuite plus study, gym, 1 powder room (Total Built up Area: 623.60 sqm, Interior: 333.50 sqm, Exterior: 290.10 sqm)
  • Plot 5: 5 bedrooms all ensuite plus study, gym, spa, 1 powder room (Total Built up Area: 811.30 sqm, Interior: 442.00 sqm, Exterior: 369.30 sqm)
  • Plot 6 and Plot 7: 4 bedrooms all ensuite plus study, 2 powder rooms (Total Built up Area: 735.00 sqm, Interior: 365.70 sqm, Exterior: 369.30 sqm)
  • Plot 8: 4 bedrooms all ensuite plus study, 2 powder rooms (Total Built up Area: 612.00 sqm, Interior: 303.00 sqm, Exterior: 309.00 sqm)

Facilities and Features:

  • Custom-designed kitchens with SMEG kitchen appliances as standard.
  • Sustainable living with integrated architectural and landscape concepts.
  • Unique design features such as custom-made clay ventilation blocks, double walls for soundproofing, heat-reflective glass, and standard solar energy panels.
  • Spacious ensuites with rain showers and terrazzo bathtub in the master suite.
  • Natural ventilation systems to maximize airflow and reduce dependence on air conditioning.
  • Thoughtful design for swimming pool and gardens to enhance the outdoor living spaces.
  • Integration of architectural and interior design to create a private oasis with a balance of innovation and tradition.
  • Three stunning living options with a focus on sustainability, in either a 510 sqm or 850 sqm configuration


Nearest Landmark: Layan Beach- 2.1 Km

Location:Choeng Thale, Phuket



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